Welcome to Las Vegas NYE

Thursday 31 December

Print Hall Bar, Bob's Bar and Apple Daily

Celebrate New Year's Eve Las Vegas Style

Saturday Night Entertainment

Saturday from 7pm

Print Hall Bar and Bob's Bar

Saturday nights are heating up at The Print Hall & Bob's Bar!

Classic Cocktail Hour

Friday, 7-8pm

Print Hall Bar

Selected Cocktails for $15

Fridays at Print Hall Bar

Every Friday

Print Hall Bar

Start the weekend off right at Perth’s greatest inner city pub. Unwind, catch up and party on!

$25 Express Lunch

Monday - Thursday

The Apple Daily

Making a dash between meetings but still wanting an indulgent lunch? Our $25 Express Lunch offer is for you.

Feed Me Menu

Every Day

The Apple Daily

Can’t decide? Just say ‘Feed Me’ and we’ll serve up the Chef’s selection of Apple’s greatest hits for $59 per person.